It is, as always, a great pleasure to tell that Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche comes to Copenhagen in the beginning of December. In the weekend from the 2. to the 4. of December, Rinpoche will give teachings based on a text written by the first Patrul Rinpoche. This text is called ‘An Instruction on the View of the Mahāyāna – Clarifying the two truths’. It’s a text which is illuminasting the relationship betweeen the relative and absolute truth.

James Low has in his book: Simply Being, a translation of this text, and in the foreword, he, among others write:

The text deals with one of the great Dharma questions: The relationship between the relative and the absolute truth, between Samsara and Nirvana. The style of the text is scolarly, and he makes a fair use of quotations to illustrate his points. But he illustrates the purpose of learning and the general Nyingma Dzogchen view very clearly when he says:’Although the minds of bewildered sentient beings are clarity and emptiness, they do not recognize this. By abiding in the awareness of clarity and emptiness, the inseparability of the two truths is realized.’

Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche teach in english.

There is a translation of the text on the following link:


Practical information: 

Friday the 2. of December  from 19-21
Saturday the 3. of December  from 10-12.30 & 14.30-17
Sunday the 4. of December  from 10-12.30 & 14.30-17

Center for Visdom og Medfølelse
Tong-Nyi Nying-Je Ling
Nybrogade 26 A, 1. sal
1203  København K.

Contribution (travelexpenses, rent of room etc.):

Whole seminar (5 sessions): 600 (€80)
Single sessions: 150 (€20)

Contribution for the seminar, could be transfered to this account:

Dzogchen Urgyen Ling
Danske Bank:
IBAN: DK3230003206268686

Yderligere information:

Dzogchen Urgyen Ling Phone +45 86384433 eller + 45 29806081