Unfortunately, this seminar has been canceled due to the COVID-19 situation. We will inform you when a new seminar date is available.

We are happy to tell that Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche in June 2020 will return to Gjerrild. This year’s teaching will be the continuation of Mipham Rinpoche’s ‘ Triology of the primordial mind’ (gnug sems skor gsum).

This teaching explains the differentiation of ‘mistaken mind’ and ‘Nature of mind’. The main theme is primordial liberation in the basal clear light, self-pristine wisdom. The emphasis is on being introduced to and identifying ‘Nature of mind’ in naked experience through Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche’s quintessential instructions.

The first part of the teachings exists in English translation as ‘Fundamental mind’. The next two parts are, as far as we are aware of, not translated into English.

Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche is teaching in English.

Practical information about the retreat in Gjerrild:

Where and when:

The teachings will start on Tuesday the 9. of  June at 16.00. The seminar will finish Sunday the 14. of June around 16.00. The seminar will take place at Dzogchen Urgyen Ling in Gjerrild, a small village at Djursland, beautifully located close to the woods and beach. If you need travel information about how to find us, you are welcome to contact us regarding this.

Registration and Cost contribution:

The complete session (including a common offering for the Lama, travel expenses for the Lama, food and sleeping accommodation) is:

For a full seminar: D.Kr. 2800 (Euro 375)

For a seminar without accommodation and food: D.Kr. 1350 (Euro 180)

The overnight accommodation takes place either in Dormitory, in one’s own tent in the garden or for a limited number of participants in private rooms (double). For a private room, there will be charged DKR 250 (Euro 32) for the whole period. If you wish a double room for yourself the price will be  DKR 400 (Euro 55). There are a limited number of rooms and they would be given out in turn of registration.

It is also possible to stay either at the local Inn, the camping site or in the Youth hostel in Gjerrild. People who come from abroad could pay for the seminar at arrival, but you would have to register before the seminar starts. For those who have various constrictions on time and money, please give us a call to see if we can make an arrangement.

Important notice: The location of the retreat is not without certain limits, so no one is assured participation without registration in advance. During the retreat everybody would have to help preparing for the meals, doing the dishes and cleaning the areas we are using. These tasks will never interfere with the teaching sessions.

Bring along sleeping bags and bed linen.

It’s possible to arrive the day before the retreat starts if that’s more convenient for you, but let us know in advance.

Further information:

Dzogchen Urgyen Ling

Kirkepolden 6, Gjerrild

8500 Grenå

Tlf. + 45  86384433 & +45 29806081 

e.mail: urgyenling@mail.dk