It is with great joy that we can tell that Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche returns to Gjerrild in the spring 2022.

The program will contain some teachings on Mind training and a reading transmission (lung) to:

‘The flight of the Garuda’, which is translated by both Erik Pema Kunzang, Keith Dowman, and Christian A Stewart.

We can also tell that this year, is it thirty years ago, the first teachings and initiations were given in Gjerild, at Dzogchen Urgyen Ling.

Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche is teaching in English.

Everybody must of course be aware, that we can be forced to cancel because of the pandemic. But it is not very likely, that it will be the case.

Practical information about the retreat in Gjerrild:

Where and when:

The teachings will start on Tuesday the 24. of  May at 16.00. The seminar will finish Sunday the 29. of May around noon. The seminar will take place at Dzogchen Urgyen Ling in Gjerrild, a small village in Djursland, beautifully located close to the woods and beach. If you need travel information about how to find us, you are welcome to contact us regarding this.

Registration and Cost contribution:

The complete session (including a common offering for the Lama, travel expenses for the Lama, food, and sleeping accommodation) is:

For a full seminar: D.Kr. 3100 (Euro 430)

For a seminar without accommodation and food: D.Kr. 1350 (Euro 190)

The overnight accommodation takes place either in Dormitory, in one’s own tent in the garden, or for a limited number of participants in private rooms (double). For a private room, there will be a charge of (Euro 32) for the whole period. If you wish for a double room for yourself the price will be 500 (Euro 65). There are a limited number of rooms and they would be given out in turn of registration.

It is also possible to stay either at the local Inn, the camping site, or in the Youth hostel in Gjerrild. People who come from abroad could pay for the seminar at arrival, but you would have to register before the seminar starts. For those who have various constrictions, please give us a call to see if we can make an arrangement.

Important notice: The location of the retreat is not without certain limits, so no one has assured participation without registration in advance. During the retreat, everybody would have to help to prepare the meals, do the dishes, and clean the areas we are using. These tasks will never interfere with the teaching sessions.

Bring along sleeping bags and bed linen.

It’s possible to arrive the day before the retreat starts if that’s more convenient for you, but we must know in advance.

ABOUT COVID: We of course don’t know what the situation will be in May. But we think that many participants have got vaccines. For people who haven’t, we will, as things look right now, ask for a fresh PCR test, which shows that you are not infected. We are not such a big place, which means that people are quite close to each other, during the retreat. Everybody coming from outside Denmark need to be aware of the rules, there at the given time is needed for entering Denmark.

We’ll try to inform everybody enrolled, about the situation, in May just before the seminar.

Further information:

Dzogchen Urgyen Ling
Kirkepolden 6, Gjerrild
8500 Grenå
Phone: +45 29806081