DZOGCHEN RANYAK PATRUL RINPOCHE in Gjerrild 2. – 3. November 2018

PatrulRinpocheWe are happy to announce that Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche returns to Denmark and will give teachings in Gjerrild in November. The subject of the teachings will be a text from Mipham Rinpoche called ‘The Self-Radiance of Indestructible Awareness and Emptiness’. The text can be found on the following link:


Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche is teaching in English.


Practical information – Gjerrild November 2018:

 When and where: The teachings will start on Saturday the third of November at 10.30 and will end on the fourth of November afternoon. The seminar will take place at Dzogchen Urgyen Ling in Gjerrild, a small village at Djursland, beautifully located close to the woods and beach. If you need travel information about how to find us, you are welcome to contact us regarding this.

Registration and Cost contribution:

We will do things a little different this time because it’s a very short event. It costs 300 (€ 40) which includes one night stay, three meals, heating and so on. The meals the participants will prepare most of by them self, but we will see that the things that are needed are there, and try to make it kind of easy for you. It’s only possible to stay and eat at Dzogchen Urgyen Ling if you let us know beforehand.

NB. It is expected that you give Rinpoche an offering at the end of the event, according to what is possible for you.

Important notice: The location of the retreat is not without certain limits, so no one is assured participation without registration in advance. During the weekend everybody would have to help preparing for the meals, doing the dishes and cleaning the areas we are using. These tasks will never interfere with the teaching sessions.

Bring along sleeping bags and bed linen.

It’s possible to arrive the day before the retreat starts if that’s more convenient for you, but let us know in advance.

Further information:

Dzogchen Urgyen Ling
Kirkepolden 6, Gjerrild
8500 Grenå

Phone: +45 29806081